What Does Apple Device Lockdown Mode Mean?

Apple's Lockdown Mode, designed to provide ultra-high security settings for iPhones and iPads running iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, accordingly, is designed to prevent complex and potent cyberattacks. This article explains what it is, what it does, and who should use it.

The Pros and Cons of Apple Lockdown Mode

There is always a trade-off in security between providing protection and removing so many features that your device is rendered useless. Certainly the case with Apple Lockdown Mode.

Here is what Lockdown Mode does to safeguard an iPhone or iPad when it is activated:


Except for calls from someone you have already phoned, all FaceTime calls will be blocked.


With the exception of images, links, and other shared content, all files are banned in Apple's built-in messaging app.

Web Browsing: 

Some cutting-edge, results technologies are blocked in the web browser Safari.

Shared Albums

In the Photos app, all shared albums have been deleted, and new shared album invitations have been disabled.

Device Connections:

Hardwired connections to computers and other devices are disallowed if your device is locked.

Apple Services:

The only people you can invite to join Apple services are those you have already invited.


It is not possible to install configuration profiles that can be used to install beta or modified versions of the operating system on your device.

How to Decide if Apple Lockdown Mode Is Needed

It's simple to determine whether you need to use Lockdown Mode on your iPhone or iPad: nearly no one does.

Strong safety is essential for everyone, but Lockdown Mode is intended particularly for those who are most likely to be the target of the most potent and advanced cyberattacks. Politicians, journalists, activists, and dissidents are examples of these people. Basically, people participate in vital possibly risky—work who could be the target of enemies seeking access to the information they possess.

Phishing, scams, and other common forms of cybercriminal activity aren't major worries for those individuals. They should be concerned about highly sophisticated attacks, government-sponsored hacking, and businesses that sell tools to breach Apple's security.

How to Enable iPhone Lockdown Mode

  • Select Settings.
  • Then select Privacy & Settings.
  • Click Lockdown Mode.
  • Within the confirmation window, tap Lockdown Mode.
  • Select Turn On and Restart.
  • Following that, your iPhone will resume lockdown mode.

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