Top 5 Useful Distance Learning Resources

Distance learning is education that doesn't necessarily require students to be present in person during class. Most schools have been closed due to the ongoing epidemic, yet learning must still occur, hence there must be a substitute.

Useful Remote Learning Resources

Resources for distance learning provide a platform for both professors and students to continue their education. To promote distance learning, a variety of materials are available. They consist of;

Adobe EdEx

Adobe Education Exchange provides teachers and students with access to a more complex, free online learning environment.

The platform makes sure that all of the necessary materials for each class are made available for both professors and students by providing a variety of free resources and learning opportunities.

In addition to incorporating Khan Academy, Adobe Education Exchange also makes use of Photoshop and Flash to encourage learners' original thought. The Adobe Education Exchange provides classes, workshops, and courses for learners of various skill levels, it's also vital to highlight.

Google Classroom

Anyone with a Google account can take a free online course offered by Google. Teachers and students can use Google Classroom on-site or remotely, and it guarantees a time-effective and dependable learning environment.

Tutors can set up a classroom, assign tasks or teach, and interact with their students in a few easy steps using the platform. Students must share a code in order for the class to be in session, and with just one click, they can all converge on the same page.

A page for assignments is included in Google Classroom so that students can view them in a structured manner. Every piece of course content used in Google Classroom, including images and videos, is kept in Google Drive for convenient access.


Similar to Zoom, professors record lessons, explanations of tasks, and feedback on this video-based platform before sharing it with students.

For classroom exercises like presentations and language drills that call for a demonstration and vocal interaction, Screencastify is more appropriate.

When students need to refer to any previous class or assignment explanation, this platform is also more helpful. Simply opening the same video that the teacher supplied them is all that is required.


Through the use of images, drawings, and videos, the students can document their educational experience in a portfolio on this site. Teachers are given the opportunity to choose or develop activities that they can share in real-time with their students.

Families can participate in their children's education using this platform because they have access to the SeeSaw portfolio.


BrainPOP serves as the main source of educational resources and provides a variety of instructive animated films as well as interesting and entertaining quizzes. These animated lessons are used by teachers to teach various skills to their students.


A good method to start a conversation is with Flipgrid. Post a topic and open discussions in your learning community. It's a fantastic method to pique students' curiosity about new concepts, get them eager to study, and promote peer interaction!


With the use of Edmodo's technologies, instructors may encourage collaboration, share course materials, and create a fun and positive learning environment. Additionally, parents can get updates on their children's development.


Zoom became well-known during the pandemic for its flexibility as a webinar platform and presentation tool while students were taking classes online. Zoom is a practical tool for distance learning because of its security, live video class capabilities, and chat option for social interaction.

Microsoft Teams 

The best of different worlds are united under one roof with Microsoft Teams. Through video conferencing, you can hold presentations, promote chatting, share your screen or notes, and bring everyone together.


A great addition to Google Slides and Powerpoint is Nearpod. Teachers can choose from the amazing template library's lessons and videos or utilize their own presentations. Create quizzes, games, and discussion boards to keep your students on task in the material. Nearpod encourages students to interact in constructive ways.


Buncee makes it simple to produce engaging course materials for students. Using templates from Buncee's Ideas Lab, create presentations, classes, and a variety of customizable virtual school activities. Link exchanges, downloading data, and group projects between teachers and students are simple processes.

Microsoft Teams makes it simple to start conversations, share information, and connect with children and their parents by providing access to the Buncee dashboard.

Teachers may join up for free accounts on Edmodo quickly and easily.


These materials for distance learning are excellent for increasing distance learning, especially now when the pandemic is still running strong. They give teachers and students a fresh and exciting experience, which makes learning more enjoyable and convenient.

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