If you're a parent of a teen who just got a license, you definitely worry about their safety while you're not around to watch how they drive. But what if there was a way to keep an eye on your new teen driver without having to be in the passenger seat? To track and keep an eye on your young driver, you may use an app.

Why Do you Need an App to Track Your Teen Driver?

The Cdc says that, when compared to other age groups, teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 had the greatest risk of automobile accidents. In fact, one of the main causes of death for teenagers in the United States is car accidents. Driving while distracted, lack of experience, going too fast, and driving while intoxicated are a few of the most frequent causes of accidents among licensed teenage drivers.

It makes sense to employ an app for safety reasons as well as to monitor your young driver's driving behavior.

The top applications will notify you instantly if your young driver is involved in an accident and needs medical attention. In the event of a car breakdown, several tracking apps also provide 24/7 roadside help.

Most applications provide a feature that allows your adolescent drivers to share their real-time location with you if you're concerned about privacy. Installing a tracking device in a car with your name on the title is legal in the US (via NCSL). Some states also permit you to covertly track your child's car, however getting their consent is advised.

Top 5 Best Apps for Tracking Your New Teen Driver

 Top 5 Best Apps for Tracking Your New Teen Driver

Life 360

One of the most frequently used apps for parents to monitor young drivers is Life 360, which has more than 100 million users across the Play Store and App Store. Along with locating your child, it also notifies you of their driving habits, like their speed, distracted driving while using a phone, hard braking, and acceleration. Additionally, the app will automatically send you a message and an SOS warning if your teen driver is involved in an accident.

Life 360 is free, but you must subscribe to a premium package, either Gold for $8.99 per month or Platinum for $19.99 per month, to access features like stolen phone coverage, quiet SOS help alert, live agent support, and 24/7 roadside assistance.


The FamiSafe app has a driver safety function that gives you information about your young driver's driving behaviors, including real-time location information and key information like average speed, total distance traveled, and fastest speed ever recorded. You will receive a notification on your smartphone if your young driver exceeds the posted speed limit or applies the brakes aggressively.

Additionally, you can contrast weekly driving records to see any risky driving behaviors your teen driver needs to stop. The FamiSafe app will track your young driver's screen time so you can find out whether they use their phone while driving if you're concerned about distracted driving. For $14.98 a month, you may upgrade to the Monthly Plan, which unlocks more features.


If you rely on the smartphone for location tracking and your young driver goes offline while driving, you risk losing crucial information. Installing the Bouncie system, however, will stop it from happening.

Because you may install the tracker device into your car's OBD port, Bouncie avoids using your teenager's smartphone to transmit data. The journey data is supplied directly to your smartphone after an easy installation. Bounce, like the majority of tracking applications, will also alert you if your young driver is speeding, accelerating too quickly, braking abruptly, or leaving the engine idle.

 Tesla App

Tesla has its own mobile app, so if you buy a Tesla, you won't need to rely on outside services to track or keep an eye on your new teen driver. You can track your teen driver online as long as your Tesla and smartphone are connected. However, what makes it stand out as one of the best solutions is the fact that you can regulate the top speed limit and accelerate via its app, which can help to keep your teen driver from exceeding the speed limit.

Additionally, you can get a notification on your Tesla app if any questionable activity is found. The most recent Tesla models also enable you to keep an eye on your teen driver's surroundings when the car is parked using a live video feed on your smartphone.

Hum by Verizon

In addition to an app, Hum by Verizon also includes an ODB scanner, Bluetooth speaker, Wi-Fi hotspot, and a cabled car charger. The software and the GPS-enabled OBD equipment are coupled to allow you to track your car from a distance. Based on your teen's driving tendencies, like acceleration, speed, cornering, and braking, the Hum app will also generate a safety report.

Even better, Hum by Verizon has a reminder, diagnostics checks, and "ask a mechanic" option for any auto-related guidance in case your young driver forgets when to maintain a vehicle. In order to allow drivers to answer hands-free calls without taking their eyes off the road, a Bluetooth speaker is hooked to the car's visor.

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