The Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

To successfully fill job openings and expand your company, it's crucial to get your job postings in front of the right individuals. In order to assist you in locating competent applicants for your available position, we have collected a list of job posting websites.

It's annoying to have to sift through hundreds of applications in the hope of locating the right candidate. With the correct tools, you can recover time from your day and avoid the tiresome hiring process.

The top 12 free job posting websites for employers in 2022 are shown below. To develop a successful plan for finding your next team member, investigate each one.

 The Best Job Posting Sites for Employers


The finest website for posting freelance jobs is Upwork. Employing managers can publish free contract job advertisements to Upwork's job search engine, and contractors can search and respond for free.

Hiring managers can answer a few fast questions about the new job they need proven expertise for in Upwork's Talent MarketplaceTM, and Upwork will then provide a list of potential independent professionals.

Simply go to the Upwork Talent Marketplace, create a free account using the provided instructions, and post your first job.

But Upwork is more than just a place to publish jobs. There is a vast array of features available, both in free and advanced premium versions.


Employers can get in touch with qualified applicants using the contact details supplied or through Indeed using a free trial or paid subscription.

Job seekers who can enter their search parameters and read through postings that match them will view your job posting.


LinkedIn is a website for professional social networking that makes building networks simple and has a job search tool. It's a favorite among recruiters and perfect for big human resources departments and small business recruiting managers.

The ability to build a free professional social media presence that functions as an online portfolio and resume is available to hiring managers, recruiters, and job seekers. Premium subscriptions are also available. The URLs of potential candidates' LinkedIn profiles are frequently sought by other online job boards and businesses as part of their own job applications.


A job-search service called Handshake was set up to help college students and new grads in finding employment. Employers can search for candidates who are so new to the market that they still have an email address using our specialized employment board and resume database. Employers connect in using a browser even though the platform is designed for job seekers to utilize on the Handshake mobile app.

Handshake matches entry-level candidates with open positions they qualify for with firms like Verizon, IBM, Target, Meta, Apple, and other well-known brands.

Through Handshake, employers can post free job listings, browse profiles, download resumes, and chat live with candidates.

Employers can post job openings for free on, which collects job postings. Both companies and job seekers can easily sign up and post jobs.

The free option to integrate your own applicant tracking system (ATS) with the platform is a well-liked feature. Once your ATS and are connected, any job posting you publish will automatically be sent to


Jora is a global job search engine that matches qualified applicants with vacant vacancies across the globe. The Jora website aggregates job postings from other websites, including well-known job boards like Monster and numerous smaller specialist employment boards. Jora also collaborates with other global job sites to offer localized employment services in Latin America, Australia, Africa, and Australia.

Ten free job listings are provided to employers each month. This relatively new job search website offers the opportunity to give Jora an XML feed or link to a web page with free job postings, making it an appealing free job posting site for both local and international firms.


Ladders ($100K+ Club) was created to assist highly qualified individuals in locating positions with lucrative businesses in the US and Canada. On Ladders, every position has an annual salary of at least $100,000.

The job-hunting website system can be found in job listings from numerous job boards on the internet, including Indeed and other important websites. Additionally, employers can explore the enormous resume database kept by Ladders and post 10 free job advertisements per month directly to Ladders. The same goes for job searchers, who get 10 free résumé views from employers each month. There are premium-priced subscriptions offered.

Google Jobs

The free job search engine operated by Google is called Google Jobs. The Google search engine will index job postings that are entered into an application tracking system (ATS) and formatted correctly for Google on a website's careers page.

Additionally, Google Jobs aggregates job listings from the top job search engines. The Google Jobs search tool makes it simple for hiring managers to ensure sure that a wide range of competent candidates view their job advertisements because it incorporates all of the Google search engine's technologies.

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