How to Manage YouTube Notifications

If you regularly use YouTube, it's likely that you subscribe to a number of channels to stay up to date with your favorite creators. However, this frequently results in several alerts throughout the day, some of which you probably ignore.

Receiving notifications from YouTube shouldn't make you anxious. To make sure you don't miss anything from your favorite channels, you may effectively control them.

 How to Manage YouTube Notifications

What Type of Notifications YouTube Sends

When there are new videos or updates for channels you follow or videos you might be interested in, YouTube alerts you. Emails and push notifications are examples of this. On the app or website, you can check any notifications you might have missed.

You may tailor your notifications on YouTube to suit your tastes. You can actually specify what kinds of notifications you want to get, how and when you want to get them, and for which channels. It's important to comprehend how to control your YouTube notifications because of this.

How to Manage Your YouTube Notifications

Whether you're using the mobile app or your computer, controlling your YouTube notifications is simple. Go to and login if necessary to control them on your computer there. In the top-right portion of the screen, click the Profile symbol. Next, pick Notifications from the left-side menu by clicking Settings.

General and Email notifications are the two areas that make up the notification settings. Turn on each form of notification you want to receive by moving down the list.

Only enable essential categories, like Subscriptions, if you want to strictly limit the number of notifications you receive. Turn off the corresponding categories in the Your preferences section, such as Activity on my channel, if you don't have a YouTube channel or it isn't active.

How to Manage Your YouTube Notifications (Mobile)

On your phone, setting YouTube notifications is simple. If you haven't already, turn on YouTube notifications in your phone's settings. You won't be able to access the YouTube app's notification settings if you don't.

Open the YouTube app after completing that by tapping the Profile symbol in the top-right corner. Head to Settings > Notifications. You can personalize your alerts so that you receive them when it's most convenient for you, such as in the evening, by choosing the first option, Scheduled digest.

You can browse the list and tap each item you want if you want to manage notifications by category. Disable sounds and vibrations is a crucial category to take into account adjusting in order to stop the app from bothering you during the day. To set the time when you want notifications to be muted, tap this category at the bottom of the screen.

How to Disable Specific Channels' YouTube Notifications (Desktop)

It's automatic for you to sign up for notifications when you subscribe to a channel. You can change or disable the notifications you get for a channel. When using YouTube in your browser, there are a number of different ways to go to the channels you have subscribed to.

First, you can use the search box at the top of the screen to individually search each channel. If you manually access a channel to which you have subscribed, click the notification bell on the right of the screen, then select the kind of notifications you desire for that channel.

You can also click Channels I'm Subscribed to directly under Subscription by going to Profile > Settings > Notifications > Your Preferences.

On your screen, you will see all of your channels. By clicking the notification bell on the right side of the channel, you may evaluate your subscriptions and modify the notifications you get. Select whether you want to receive None or Customize your notifications. Any YouTube channel that you are no longer interested in can also have its subscription canceled. If you ever run out of content, you can always locate new YouTube channels to watch next.

How to Manage YouTube Notifications From Specific Channels (Mobile)

You can manage YouTube notifications for the channels you're subscribed to on the mobile app, just like you can on the desktop version. On your phone, start the app. To access subscriptions, go to Profile > Settings > Notifications. Subscriptions can be filtered by the Most relevant and New activity.

Tap the notification bell next to each channel as you scroll down the list. Select the notifications you wish to receive for every one of them. You may block YouTube channels from showing up in your stream if you find one you no longer enjoy.

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