How to Fix the iPhone Black Screen Issue Within A Few Minutes?

In the worst-case scenario, major system flaws or hardware damage are typically to blame for unresponsive or halted displays, such as the Apple iPhone screen going blank or becoming dark. Your iPhone won't turn on if this happens. Try to rule out software-related difficulties before visiting a service center. Do you want to know how to fix an iPhone with a black screen? Below is a list of possible solutions and what you may do to address this issue. To fix a black screen of death on an iPhone, follow the steps listed below.

Why iPhone Is On But Screen Is Black

Part 1: What Is the Black Screen Problem on the iPhone?

When the screen of an iPhone turns black but the device remains to function, this is known as the "Black Screen of Death." The screen will occasionally be off as well, and no matter how hard you try, it will remain off. There are several causes for the sudden darkness of your iPhone's screen.

Drained battery: The first and most obvious thing that probably came to mind was a drained battery, and you've already taken care of that. Whatever the case, we must nonetheless bring it up. This is frequently the case if the phone is off, not just the screen.

Hardware damage: One of the causes of hardware damage could be faulty screen replacement, damaged displays, dropping the device, or water damage.

Software problem: The issue could sometimes be brought on by a software problem, which could be brought on by firmware modifications that didn't work out as planned, system crashes, jailbreaking, etc.

Part 2: Try Some Ways to Fix iPhone is Stuck on Black Screen?

The two most common causes are typically rogue apps and inaccurate updates. After downloading a new app, if your iPhone becomes stuck on a black screen, try disabling or removing the suspect app to see what happens. This will aid in iPhone restoration.

If it occurs after you install an update, think about removing it or going back to a previous software release. The following techniques can also offer momentary, if not lasting, relief. Every day, more consumers are affected by the iPhone black screen issue because it has become so prevalent.

Solution 1: Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death Due to Hardware Damage 

One likely cause of the Black Screen of Death issue on iPhone devices is a hardware failure or damage, which may happen as a result of dropping the device 

Your iPhone may have experienced physical damage as a result of these occurrences, resulting in a black screen and an inability to turn it on at all.

 The sole option in that situation is to bring it to an authorized Apple service center to be examined by a mobile hardware expert. This can help you understand how a hardware problem like this came about and how to fix your phone.

Solution 2: Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death via using iTunes

The solution to the iPhone black screen issue might be to perform an iOS restore using iTunes. This technique is regarded as one of the most advanced ways to fix complex system issues brought on by infections and software flaws that have imprisoned your iPhone on the "black screen of death."

You'll need a computer running Windows or Mac OS and the most recent version of the iTunes program. The

n, use the USB/lightning connector provided by Apple to connect your iPhone to your computer so that iTunes can access it.

If you can, back up all of your important iPhone files to iTunes beforehand. You can begin restoring your iPhone in recovery mode after creating backups. 

Solution 3: Use ReiBoot to fix the iPhone's black screen of death

It's most likely an issue with the iOS operating system that's to blame when your iPhone won't turn on and the screen goes black. To restore the operating system without recovering it or losing any data, we advise using Tenorshare ReiBoot, a specialised system recovery program.

Tenorshare All iOS system defects, including the black screen of death, stuck Apple logo, recovery mode loop, reboot loop, blue screen of death, and others, are addressed with ReiBoot's system recovery.

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