How Do I Recover My MeetMe Account

MeetMe is a hybrid company that offers social networking features together with an online dating service. It allows you to search and meet new people digitally, much like Tinder. Along with living streaming and gaming, it provides features like swipe, chat, and video calls. On the app, users can broadcast themselves live. The app has tight guidelines against indecent or nudist content. Because they don't comply, many users have their accounts suspended or deleted. We are bringing you a helpful tutorial that will teach you about MeetMe account recovery as well as other topics if you have a question about how to recover my MeetMe account.

How Do I Recover My MeetMe Account

If your MeetMe account has been dormant for less than three years, you can restore it by simply logging back in. And using the methods detailed later in this article, you can also reset the password for that single account if you've forgotten it.

Why Can’t I Log Into My Meet Me?

Many MeetMe users report problems with the MeetMe app's failed login. There are various causes why you might be having this issue:

You obtained the software from an unreliable witness.

If your Facebook account is connected to yours and you are unable to check in, either your browser is having issues, or your account has been deleted.

Spam accounts might originate from certain IP addresses. If you accidentally visited your account from one of those IP addresses, your account was probably deleted by MeetMe because it often does security checks for spam profiles.

Why Does It Say MeetMe Account Locked?

There are a variety of reasons why your MeetMe account can be locked:

  • If you are logging in using a blacklisted IP address that was previously used to run fake profiles
  • If you have ignored MeetMe's terms of service or privacy policy
  • If someone repeatedly tries to log in with the incorrect password

How Do I Find My MeetMe Password? How Do I Recover My MeetMe Password?

If you know the email address connected to your MeetMe account, you may easily retrieve your password. Your search for information on how to recover my MeetMe account online has come to an end. Take the actions listed below:

  • Open the MeetMe app, then click Log In here.
  • As stated below, enter your registered EMAIL and select Forgot Password.
  • Enter the email address associated with your account on the lost password page, then press Submit.
  • Copy and paste the confirmation code you received in the message, then hit "Submit" to finish.
  • To confirm, type your new password and email address twice. Click on "Submit."
  • Re-login to your MeetMe account using the new PASSWORD and EMAIL now.

How to Recover MeetMe Account?

Reminder: If your MeetMe account has been inactive for less than three years, you can only retrieve it by logging back in.

  • Start the MeetMe application on your phone.
  • Next, click Log In here as shown below.
  • Fill up the area with your registered email address.
  •  Click Forgot Password? 
  •  Fill out the Email address associated with your account and click Submit on the browser's forgot password page.
  • Type in the field provided the confirmation code you received in the mail and click the Submit button.
  • Type in your email address and new password, then click "Confirm new password."
  • After that, click Submit as displayed above.
  •  To restore your MeetMe account, hit Log In after entering your new password and email in the MeetMe app.

Meet Me Forgot Password and Email. How Do I Recover My MeetMe Account?

Unfortunately, the only way to complete MeetMe account recovery if you have lost your email address and password is to submit a mail to MeetMe Customer Support. To confirm your identification, they have the authority to request personal information from you.

Due to the strict security measures for user protection, MeetMe may reject your request for recovery. Someone trying to access your account might view your request for account recovery as fraud.

How to Recover Deleted MeetMe Account?

There is no way to reclaim a deleted MeetMe account because the deletion process wipes out all of the account's data. To request reactivation, write a mail to the MeetMe Customer Support address if MeetMe cancels your account.

Remember to include information from your MeetMe account, including your phone number and email address.

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