Best 7 Traits of A Great Tech Lead

Some software development projects are so sophisticated that someone needs to step up and assist the team in continuing to build the project. The position of tech lead is then necessary. That position's occupant will be in charge of the technical direction and act as a liaison between the various teams.

As a result, tech leaders are crucial for proper operation during the various development phases. So, even if you hire freelance software engineers, having one person in that position is important since you'll always need someone to oversee the technical aspects of the projects you take on.

Qualities of A Great Tech Lead

 Full Stacker

Tech leads need to be very knowledgeable even if their main responsibilities will be task monitoring and developer job supervision. Because they are familiar with a project, tech leads are frequently senior (or at least basic) developers who have been promoted.

A potential tech lead is considered to be a full-stack specialist if they are. In other words, they have extensive knowledge in server-side development, DevOps, and front-end development. Candidates for the position of tech lead are anticipated to have specific areas of competence and not be experts in all aspects of development. However, as they will be directing the development through all stages, you should look for a leader who feels comfortable with the entire stack.

Great Communicator

One of the most in-demand soft skills in the current IT business is the ability to communicate effectively ideas. Teams are more diverse than ever, projects are getting more complex, and more employees are working remotely from other cities, states, and even foreign nations. Effective communication is crucial.

Because of this, your tech lead needs to be great at communication in addition to being good at it. Someone who lacks clarity in their thinking or experiences social anxiety cannot be tolerated. A strong leader who brings up the concerns encourages team collaboration, and bridges the gaps that will inevitably develop between developers is essential for the development process.

Change Advocator

Everything in the world of development nowadays is moving quickly. This means that developers must adjust quickly because new tools and techniques are developing almost every day. To persuade the rest of the team to adopt new methods, your tech lead must be someone who deeply welcomes change.

This is crucial for any modern development team since sometimes the job uncovers problems that seem intractable and call for novel approaches. People who regard change as an ally, whether it takes the form of a new perspective, a new tool, or a new course of action, are the ones who develop that fresh perspective on things.

Risk Taker

Anyone who considers the change in the manner we've just explained will be a risk-taker by nature. However, some people have a little bit of a daredevil in them that doesn't want to wait until an issue arises before acting. That is the kind of tech lead you require.

The benefits of several of the above-mentioned new tools, approaches, and techniques will be greatest while they are brand-new. Perhaps you don't need to modify the way you do things because current development methods are working just fine. A tech lead who enjoys taking chances can recommend adopting a different strategy that could prove more fruitful in the long run.

 Problem Solver

Sadly, it's not unusual to discover development teams where the developers turn a blind eye when they encounter a challenge. But even though you can largely anticipate that conduct from them, you should insist on something else from your tech lead: a problem solver!

To put it another way, you need someone who is willing to take on the task of finding a way out of a rut, whether it be by trying something new (as a change advocate and a risk-taker would do) or by assisting the team in looking for a solution while they are in charge (as a leader would do). One of the most crucial characteristics of a problem solver is that they act right away when something needs to be done instead of waiting for someone else to.

Good Delegator

A tech lead should be in charge, not doing everything, as the title suggests. While sometimes your tech lead may need to put in some elbow grease, you'll generally want them to delegate to the right team members. In other words, you would anticipate that a tech lead will gradually give more developers ownership of user stories.

A smart tech lead won't feel burdened by their duties, and they wouldn't actively seek that out. They won't micromanage, they'll delegate duties to team members, and they'll keep their eyes on the big picture to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Constant Learner

As a tech lead, you should choose someone who is always learning. To be completely honest, you want every member of your development team to be open and eager to learn new things, but even if you can't manage that, you should at least strive for your tech lead to be committed to continuous advancement. Since software development is constantly changing, you need leaders who can stay up with the industry's advancements if you've been reading this article carefully.

Being a lifelong learner doesn't simply entail keeping up with the most recent development tools and methodologies, as your tech lead must do as well. Additionally, they must be eager to grow from their errors.

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