Your IELTS/TOEFL study guide: Google Word Coach

You have come to the perfect place if you have been struggling to expand your vocabulary and worried about passing that English proficiency test. Join us as we explain Google Word Coach, a little-known but really useful tool for increasing your language.

All candidates for study abroad must perform well on their entrance tests. Yes, it is the first step toward achieving your dream. But for those who want to study overseas, passing the English Proficiency test—whether it be the TOEFL or IELTS—can be very difficult. A feature on Google helps non-English speakers increase their vocabulary. Continue reading to find out more about the Google word coach by proceeding to scroll.

The Google word coach test is a great and simple tool for improving your vocabulary. Continue reading to learn more about this tool and how to use it to improve your board exam.

What is Google word coach? 

The intriguing game Google Word Coach Quiz was developed by Google. Popular Google tools like Google Translate and the Google Dictionary offer it as a function. It comes in the shape of an online quiz that will aid with memory recall.

The game/learning tool was released as a part of Google's effort to improve the user experience of its search engine. The program was specifically developed for non-English speaking countries to make it simpler for them to learn English vocabulary in an enjoyable way. Furthermore, you can access the Word coach without a separate program.

How to open Google word coach? 

  • simply do a web search for it.
  • use Google to look up a word.
  • Google translate or the dictionary.

Accessing the Google word coach game from the search bar

  1. Use your browser's search bar to look for Google Word Coach.
  2. The game automatically starts when you search from a mobile browser, and you can then begin playing it.
  3. You can access the Google word coach test by choosing the first result after pressing the enter key on your search.

Accessing Google word coach through a search 

  1. On your mobile browser, use the Google search box to look up the definition of any word. Your search engine will give the word as a result.
  2. There will be a popup to access the Google word coach game following the search result.

Accessing Google word coach test through a dictionary or translate 

  1. When performing a Google search, the tool can also be accessed under the "dictionary" or "translate" tabs.
  2. Only mobile browsers have the option to access this tool via the dictionary or translate tab.

How does this tool help you? 

If you are unsure about the benefits of using this tool or how it will benefit you, consider the following:

  1. First off, the Google Word Coach app is a fun method to expand your vocabulary in English.
  2. This resource, which is free to use, offers useful study material for the IELTS and TOEFL.
  3. You can significantly improve your chances of passing the English Proficiency examinations by expanding your vocabulary.
  4. Not least of all, the quiz is available at all times and from anywhere. Even without a computer, you can access it. Any Android smartphone can access this tool.

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