The Light of My Life Is This Amazon Air Fryer—And It's 50% Off

ADVANCED – July 14, 2022: good news The Ultrean Air Fryer is 50 percent off through Amazon Prime Day 2022 (!). It's true what they say in these air fryer reviews; it's a game-changer.

If you have been on the fence about paying full price, now is the time to act because it's not every day that you can get a top-rated air fryer for less. Shop Amazon Prime Day 2022's latest and greatest markdowns for more noteworthy deals, including fashion, beauty, books, under-$50 deals, and under-$100 offers—as well as the highly competitive competing specials.

You've come to the correct spot if you're looking for an air fryer review written by a writer in quarantine who has a broken oven and a freezer full of Trader Joe's food. Of course, a toaster seldom does anything justice (with the possible exception of late-night homemade nachos, which can stay), and I didn't return to my family's house when the pandemic hit. Instead, I moved in with my partner in a studio apartment that had a broken oven and very little counter space, which left me with no space or tools to perform much of anything in the kitchen.

I was searching for easy kitchen hacks to use because I has been unable to calm my anxiety with handmade bread pudding and bread starters like the rest of the world. This stopped me from harming delivery personnel (and my money) with nightly Seamless orders. One night, while deep in an Amazon shopping hole, I came across a buzzy air fryer that had the look of a friendly robot and an equally friendly price tag. I realized that the buzzy appliance might be the solution I was looking for. I was eager to give the air fryer a try after hearing my brother rave about how he was never going back after discovering its magic.

The obvious appeal of air fryers is their capacity to cook foods like French fries, chicken tenders, and dumplings to golden perfection, but it was the device's simple convenience that made my life during a lockdown easier and more amazing. I was hooked as soon as I saw how quickly and thoroughly it cooked just about anything. I created a new love for cooking as a result, and I came up with countless uses for the equipment. I was able to replicate my favorite Korean bar's dishes within a week, including crispy kimchi fried rice, baked eggs, and pizza with cauliflower crust.

In addition to being far faster than a typical oven, it was also quieter than I had expected and surprisingly simple to clean. Contrary to popular opinion, it's also great for roasting veggies and popping popcorn in addition to frying. I like to see it as a super-powered oven that can crisp things up quickly. It helps that I don't have to use as much oil as when deep-frying and sautéing. I don't have to worry about lugging it around when it obstructs a "aesthetic" Instagram photo showcasing my domestic prowess because it's little and actually looks cute sitting on my counter (mountain of dishes not pictured).

It turned out to be far simpler than almost anything else in my life (apart from my dedicated devotion to 90 Day Fiancé), thanks to its "quick air technology," a removable cooking pot, adjustable temperature settings, and a simple control panel. This under-$100 air fryer has grown into a helpful, trusted confidant in a world where jigsaw puzzles and in-depth conversations with your appliances have quickly replaced human interaction.

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