The 3 Zodiac Signs With Useless Horoscopes  for Tuesday, July 26, 2022

If you have a nice mood when you get up, you might expect to have a wonderful day. What could possibly be bad? You can't help but make the best of the day for yourself when you're feeling this good, right?

Okay, both yes and no. The problem is that no one in your close circle is feeling the same level of joy that you are, and as a result, you can find yourself moping around the rest of the day.

With the Moon opposite Venus as our guide today, we have the ideal chance to understand how the higher our hopes, the more likely they are to fall short. When it comes to our intentions and how we hope to make them come true, Deepak Chopra once advised us to "expect the highest."

It's a good idea—if we only want the best possible outcomes, we should obviously be able to assert only the best, providing we don't hold any concerns.

On paper, it seems great, but then there is reality. Not everyone has achieved awareness, so hoping for the best can sometimes lead to severe despair.

Welcome to today. And hey, poor outcomes. It's not a big deal, and you will get through it all, but it feels disappointing after having such an optimistic morning to meet sourpuss after sourpuss.

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If you exhibit any of today's indicators, you'll probably do better on your own. Because they will surely try, don't let anyone get in the way of your positive attitude.


Being a fast learner, Gemini, you will have excellent standards and leave others alone when you discover that they are trailing behind you. Since no one else seems to be in the mood for what you had planned for the day, you'll accept that you'll have to spend this time with your true best friend: yourself.

Even though it doesn't feel like torment, you clearly wanted one person's company today, and that person isn't up for anything. Even though you can feel hurt, your higher mind will assist and allow you to move on.

It would be super cool for you to share your creative mood with people during the Moon opposite Venus, but no one is interested. You feel motivated and intelligent during this time. So you'll be alone for one more day, ok? If you truly are as inspired as you woke up feeling today, then use this time to respect your craft. If not, use it to take care of yourself.

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You, Virgo, don't actually have it that bad today. It's more like you're feeling nervous and angry. Although it's difficult to determine the exact cause of your feelings, the Moon's opposition with Venus has a funny way of turning a positive thought into a source of stress.

Imagine, for example, that you are pleased with your looks right now. You adore it. You enjoy the times when you are confident in your appearance, and today will definitely allow you to do that. But as the day goes on, self-doubt will grow, and before you know it, all of your recently attained self-love will begin to wane.

You'll start to ask about your looks. You'll naturally assume they are criticizing and making judgments on you if they don't say, "You look fantastic," right away. On this crazy day, you transfer all your concerns onto everyone around you, and the only person who suffers the consequences is you.

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Unfortunately, today is one of those days where you give in to your anxiety rather than controlling it like a boss (don't you love when this is the first word of your horoscope?). Even though you will attempt, staying at home might be the best course of action right now.

The good news is that you'll recover; after you get some "me time," you'll be able to address whatever stresses you out. You desire the things that always give you comfort when the Moon and Venus are in accordance: creative expression, self-love, and imagination.

You'll be fine if you can find a method to lose yourself in something that isn't social. Them, or your impression of people, are the day's problem.

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