How the Waterllama iOS App Turns Hydration Into Fun Challenges

Why bother keeping track of your daily water intake? Some people are fine with drinking only when they are thirsty. But using a hydration tracker like Waterllama on your phone can be very helpful if you frequently forget to drink enough water throughout the day and suffer weariness and other signs of dehydration.

Hydration Tracking With Waterllama

According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking sufficient fluids each day is important for your body's functions, including temperature regulation and joint protection. However, it can be difficult to remember to drink water throughout the day, and even a mild case of dehydration can leave you feeling tired and confused.

The Waterllama water tracker app, a contender for the 2022 Apple Design Awards, is a well-known smartphone hydration reminder that helps in the solution to this issue. The vibrant Ukrainian-made app provides challenges and reminders to help you keep track of your water intake. It's a beautiful, fun tool that can assist you in achieving your health objectives, including those that go beyond keeping water (the app features characters named Vitamin Puffin and Lose Lactose Platypus).

Get Started With the Waterllama App

The Waterllama app opens with a grey outline of a llama spanning the full screen. The llama fills with liquid as you drink water throughout the day and input each amount. You have the option of measuring the liquids in microliters or ounces. You can quickly decide how close you are to reaching your daily hydration goal thanks to this amusing visual reminder to drink frequently.

You can include additional fluids in addition to water, such as coffee, tea, juice, milk, soda, and even beer. Your llama mascot represents each beverage as a different color stripe, creating a colorful visual representation of your day's beverages.

Any time you want to know how much more liquid you need to drink that day to meet your goal, tap on the llama.

You can change the daily hydration goal in the settings screen (64 ounces is the default). Note that the ideal daily amount of water can differ depending on your activity level and the weather where you live.

In order to maintain your hydration goals throughout the day, you can also set reminders. If you don't log drinks into the app for two hours, the Smart Reminders will sound an alert (but only between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm). You may add other drinks to the app in the Settings section, including coconut milk, lemonade, and almond milk.

The software includes the ability to sync with Apple Health data as well as an Apple Watch connection. You can monitor your beverage intake without even opening the app thanks to a widget feature. The widget also shows you a breakdown of your daily drinking so you can quickly see how you're doing.

When you reach various hydration goals, you will also be able to access other characters in addition to Lama Lana. Then, whether it's a starfish, pelican, or another creature, you can choose a different character's outline for your main screen. It is simple to understand why this app was a finalist in the Delight and Fun category of the 2022 Apple Design Awards given the charming designs that each character has. By writing a 5-star review, promoting the app to friends, or making a donation to the authors of this article, you can get more characters.

How Does the Waterllama App Count Your Hydration?

You can view a full list of beverages on the Add/Edit Drinks List. Not all beverages make contributions to your total amount of hydration. For example, if you drink 10 ounces of water, you will receive full credit. Water and sparkling water count for 100%. If you drink 10 ounces of black tea, you will receive credit for 9 ounces, as it counts for 90% of the total. You will receive -95 percent for champagne and a startling -318 percent for tequila because alcohol counts as a negative.

Why do some drinks contribute more than others to your Waterllama hydration goal? Some beverages tend to contribute more to proper hydration and fluid retention than others, according to hydration studies, including the beverage hydration index from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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