How to Unpair Apple Watch

Using the iPhone or Apple Watch, this article shows how to based on the changing an Apple Watch from an iPhone. Information is valid to iPhone Watch apps in iOS 15 through iOS 10 and Apple Watches running watchOS 6 or later.

How to Disconnect an iPhone from an Apple Watch on the a Phone

If you plan to sell or give away your Apple Watch or if you want to update to a new watch, you may wish to unpair it from your iPhone. Follow these steps to unpair your Apple Watch on an iPhone.

  • On the iPhone, tap the Apple Watch app.
  • At the top of the screen, tap My Watch or All Watches.
  • Next to your watch, tap the Information I icon.
  • Tap Apple Watch Unpair.
  • You must specify what to do with your regular cellular plan if you have an Apple Watch that enables cellular service. Tap Keep Plan if you want to pair this Apple Watch and iPhone once more. Tap Remove Plan if you want to pair a different Apple Watch and iPhone pair. To confirm, tap.
  • When asked, enter your Apple ID password. If you wish to disable functions like Activation Lock and Find My Watch, you must do this.
  • Unpair [Name] Apple Watch by selecting Unpair Apple Watch.

The data on the watch is backed up to your iPhone, so unpairing takes a little while. You have successfully removed your Apple Watch from your iPhone when the language selection window opens after a reboot.

How to Unpair an iPhone and Apple Watch Using the Watch

The Apple Watch can also be disconnected directly from the device. While doing so restores the watch to its factory settings, it keeps Activation Lock in place. You must unpair the watch with the iPhone as stated earlier in order to do it.

Without activating Activation Lock, unpair the two watch-attached devices as follows:

  • To access the applications screen, press the Apple Watch crown.
  • Click the Settings button.
  • Press General.
  • Tap Reset after scrolling down.
  • Simply select Delete All Content and Settings.

  • Your password is there. Choose to keep or cancel your cellular plan on the watch for cellular models.
  • Choose Erase all. By performing this, you reset your Apple Watch to its default options.

Before it is deleted, a backup of your Apple Watch data is done to your iPhone.

How to Use a New iPhone After an Update

Create a backup of the old phone if you intend to upgrade it after this unpairing process. The data from your Apple Watch was backed up on your phone when you unpaired it from the phone as already said.

Restore the backed-up data, which includes the watch data, to the new iPhone after activating it.

Once the new iPhone is set up, proceed as usual to pair your Apple Watch with it.

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