How to Set a Minimum Tab Width in Google Chrome and Firefox

When you open more tabs, both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome's tabs get smaller. When your tab bar is full in such browsers, open page tabs gradually get smaller. They will ultimately reduce to a narrow tab width.

Would you like to alter the minimum width to which Firefox or Chrome page tabs shrink to? The good news is that you can modify the minimum tab widths in each of those browsers if that is the situation.

How to Change Google Chrome's Minimum Tab Width

Along with other tab management choices, Google Chrome features a hidden experimental Tab Having to scroll option in its Experiments tab. You can choose a high, medium, or small minimum tab width setting for Google's top-tier browser using that flag.

With that flag, you can modify the minimum tab width in Chrome as follows:

  • Enter chrome:/flags/ in the webpage URL field of Chrome first.
  • Enter will open the Experiments tab.
  • Input Tab Scrolling in the Experiments tab's top-most search field.
  • For the Tab Scrolling setting, select Default.
  • Choose any pinned, medium, or large width setting from the list of tab-reducing options. As an option, you can choose the Disabled or tabs don't decrease options from that drop-down menu.
  • After choosing a tab width, click Re-launch.

Depending on the setting you chose, your open tabs will reduce to a pinned, medium, or large width when you have a lot of tabs open the next time. No matter how many pages you open, if the option to keep tabs from decreasing was chosen, they will always maintain the largest size possible.

After turning on Tab Scrolling, you will see left and right arrows in the tab bar. When the arrows are clicked, the tab bar scrolls. For example, if you press the left button, a few tabs will move to the tab bar's left side.

Return to the Chrome Experiments tab's chrome:/flags section and choose the Tab Scrolling flag to set the flag back to its default state. Then choose Default from the drop-down selection for Tab Scrolling, and press the Restart button.

Chrome versions starting with 88 support the experimental Tabs Scrolling feature. You might be using an old version of Google Chrome if you can't locate the mark there. To be sure you are using the most recent version, try manually updating or installing Chrome.

How to Change Mozilla Firefox's Minimum Tab Width

In the Advanced Preferences tab of Mozilla Firefox, there is a hidden setting for changing the minimum tab width. By providing value for the browser. tabs.tabMinWidth choice there, you can change Fox's minimum tab width. The steps to changing the minimum tab width value in Firefox are as follows:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and choose the URL address bar there.
  • In the address bar of Fox, type about: config and hit the Enter key.
  • When prompted by the warning message from about: config, choose to Accept the Risk and Continue.
  • Then, in the Search preference name box, put browser.tabs.tabMinWidth.
  • To open the input box for the browser. tabs.tabMinWidth about:config setting, double-click on it.
  • Input a number between 50 and 225 after that. The minimum width of a tab in Firefox is 76 pixels, while the maximum width is 225.
  • To save the setting, use the tick button on the far right of the setting.
  • Restart Firefox after closing it.
  • Open a lot of pages on your Firefox browser at this time. The tabs will now reduce to the minimal size that you set for them.

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