How to Place an Accumulator Bet

 How to Place an Accumulator Bet

Try putting an accumulator bet if you like online betting but want to mix things up a little. You can bet many bets on a variety of sports, and if you master the technique, your betting adventure will be even more exciting.

What is an Accumulator bet?

Combining these two or more selections into a single wager, an accumulator bet (also known as an Acca or high-roll bet) only pays out when all parts win.

While accumulator bets involve a high level of risk, they also offer a larger return in the event of a victory. Furthermore, the odds will increase as you add more options. This is why it's common for a small bet to result in a large return.

A skill base of how you can profit handsomely from cumulative bets is Fred Craggs, who staked 50p and received a payout of £1 million!

Different types of Accumulator bets

Number of Bets Name
2 Double
3 Treble
4 Four-Fold Accumulator
5 Five-Fold Accumulator
6 Six-Fold Accumulator
7 Seven-Fold Accumulator
8 Eight-Fold Accumulator

How to place an Accumulator bet

Prior to putting your unreturnable serve, it can be useful to be familiar with the various titles for the number of bets:

  • Make sure you have had enough funds to put your accumulator bet before logging in to the operator of your choice;
  • Choosing the sport you want to wager on will bring up the betting slip automatically;
  • For each game, the correct odds are shown, and they vary depending on the different bets. The categories 1, X, and 2 for matches shall stand for "win," "draw," and "away win," respectively.

Here is an example of how to use Bet 365 to place an accompanying editorial.

  • By selecting the x button on your betting slip upon making a choice, you can easily modify your betting options;
  • Select how many bets you want to place in your Acca example, four for a four-fold, six for a six-fold, etc.—and they will be added to your betting slip.

How to calculate your Accumulator bet winnings

Win or Lose

If all of your guesses come true, your earnings will appear as follows:

Match Result Selection Odds (Decimal) Bet Outcome
Chelsea 2 – 0 Leeds Chelsea To Win 1.5 Win
Fulham 3 – 1 Reading Reading To Lose 1.4 Win
Dundee 1 – 1 Newcastle Newcastle To Draw 3 Win
Manchester City 0 – 0 Arsenal Arsenal To Draw 5 Win

Both Ways

This style of an accumulator bet is most common in wagers on horse races. An each-way wager is one on a horse to "win" or "place."

This wager's "to-place" section pays out at 1/4 of the winning odds.

a $5 AU bet A 10AU each-way wager would cost 5AU to win and 5AU to put.

Selection Odds (Fractions) To Place Bet Outcome
1 5/1 1.5 Win
2 7/1 1.4 Placed (3rd)
3 3/1 3 Win
4 12/1 5 Win

  • Selection 2 failed to win, resulting in a loss of the 5 AU$ stakes and 0 AU$ returns, and the to-win portion of the place bet was lost.
  • The odds versus your placing are then incorporated into the "to-place" bet calculation.

Part 2 Profit = Total Returns - Unit Stake = 125.56AU$ Part 2 Returns = 5 A$* ((5 * 1/5) + 1) * ((7 * 1/5) + 1) * ((3 * 1/5) + 1) * ((12 * 1/5) + 1) = 130.56AU$

The results of combining the returns from the two portions together are the overall returns for the bet.

  • Total Profit = Total Returns minus the two 5 stakes = 115.56AU$ 
  • Total Returns = 125.56AU$ + 0AU$ = 125.56AU$

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