How to make a good first impression at a job interview

 How to make a good first impression at a job interview

You have already passed the test, made the shortlist, and been called by human resources. The job interview is the only thing stopping you from being employed. For most of job applicants, this is a make-or-break scenario. Making a good first image is clearly very essential. But even a small slip-up before or during the interview might leave you feeling extremely let down and cost you your ideal job.

The following advice can help you make a strong first impression throughout a job interview.

Don’t be late

Especially during a job interview, potential employers will be on the lookout for punctuality. Late arriving suggests that you are unreliable and care less about the little things. Learn about the location and calculate the time it will take to get there to prevent this from ever happening. Similarly, get a good night's sleep the night before the interview. Your body and mind will be well-rested, allowing you to wake up on time.

 Dress appropriately

Take into account the position you are applying for while selecting your outfit. The way you show yourself and carry yourself is mirrored in how you dress. Getting properly adorned and displaying that you are taking the application process seriously are both indications of professionalism. Avoid both over- and underdressing. Put on business clothing if you're considering a position in an office.

Put on clothes suitable for a presentation or a meeting with a significant client. When applying for other employment, your clothing should be suited for the role. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it appears put together and professional. The clothing shouldn't be overly short or visible. 

Be honest

"Honesty is the best policy," goes a saying. Even while some would contend that lying about "some things" is important when applying for a job, it's best to tell the truth about almost everything. Lying about your academic prowess or educational background is highly discouraged. Even if you are hired as a result of these false statements, there is a good chance that you will be fired after management learns about them. You never know if the HR team may check your social media profiles or call your references. Tell the interviewer that you are hardworking, creative, and willing to learn to make up for any knowledge or skills you lack.

Be kind and respectful to everyone

It's important to be kind to everyone you come across. Be considerate to other workers at the company, including clerks, security guards, executive assistants, and others. After all, if you get hired, you might work with them on a daily basis. You are required to act decently as a "guest." Act as though you don't own the space.

For instance, if other people are being interviewed, try not to talk loudly with your seatmate. Do not appear to be bored as you patiently wait for your time. Even though you are still sitting in the lounge, keep in mind that you might already have been assessed. Remember to treat the employer with respect throughout the formal interview.

Show interest and enthusiasm

Make a positive impression by showing your energy and passion for the job. Stay positive and take pleasure in the experience. Smiling, processing the interviewer's questions quickly, and offering clear responses are all leading-up skills. Learn about the business and learn how to answer common interview questions as you get ready. Show the employer why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Highlight the achievements you made while working at your former position. If you have just completed, be sure to highlight your accomplishments in both academics and sports.

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