How to Know Which Fitbit Versa Model You Own

Fitbit introduced the Fitbit Versa in 2018. The first Fitbit Versa was the lightest smartwatch on the market at the time. The Fitbit Versa offers cutting-edge health and fitness functions in addition to conventional wristwatch features. It was created to compete with the Apple Watch.

Fitbit has introduced a number of Versa models over the years, each with an increase in features. Why does it matter which Fitbit Versa model you have?

The Fitbit Versa You Own Matters

You can use your Fitbit Versa to the most degree if you are informed of the model you have. Moreover, it might help determine whether to switch to a more appropriate Fitbit model.

The Fitbit Versa generally has softer edges than the Apple Watch in terms of appearance. While there are no waterproof Fitbit Versa models, Fitbit's later models added features such a water lock. The inclusion of a built-in GPS and Spotify, Pandora, and Alexa connection features differ as well.

Fitbit has released new Fitbit Versa versions every two years since the device's introduction. Fitbit has now produced three generations of the Versa models in 2022 (as of the writing of this article, June 2022): the Versa Original, Versa 2, and Versa 3. The Fitbit Versa model also comes in three different versions: Standard, Special, and Mini.

Knowing the model number of your Fitbit Versa allows you to compare it to other Fitbit watches and decide if it is still the best watch for you. Here's how to find out what Fitbit model you have.

The Number of Buttons

While there are many ways to differentiate between the many Fitbit Versa model generations, counting the number of buttons is one easy way to do so.

  • One button Versa Lite
  • Original Verse: Three buttons
  • Versus 2: A single button
  • Verses 3 and 4: A button

Case Colors

You may identify your Fitbit Versa model based on the colors after paying attention to the various button positions.

Although you may switch out or replace the bands on any Fitbit Versa model, there are just a few different case colors available for each model. While some colors, like black, are somewhat standard, some colors have somewhat variable shades according to the model.

Display Type and Size

The Fitbit Versa 2's price was the same as the first Versa's, but it had a little smaller screen. The Versa 2 now features an always-on setting and a somewhat bigger screen. With Versa 3, the trend towards larger screens continued.

  • Versa (Original): 1.32 inches
  • Versa (Original): 1.32 inches
  • Niches

GPS Tracking

The Fitbit Versa Lite, Original, and Versa 2 do not have GPS tracking abilities. Because only the Fitbit Versa 3 can perform GPS tracking alone as of this writing, it is the recommended model for people who run, jog, or ride bikes.

However, you can use your phone's Gps in conjunction with your Fitbit Versa Lite, Original, and Versa 2 to use linked GPS. However, it's important to keep in mind that linked GPS demands your phone to be close to your Fitbit when you exercise.

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