How to Fix - Why YouTube Keeps Pausing Videos

 How to Fix - Why YouTube Keeps Pausing Videos

YouTube serves as a major source of enjoyment for many people. Discovering something to binge-watch on YouTube doesn't take long as there are millions of channels available.

However, if YouTube keeps pausing the films, the experience can be destroyed. What causes YouTube to pause its videos, and how can this be fixed?

You Have Poor Internet Connection

If YouTube videos seem to pause frequently or the website is having difficulty loading, your internet connection may be slow. Luckily, there are a few simple tips you may do to improve your connection.

Shut down any unused apps. Your internet may be slow because a lot of active apps are using up the available bandwidth. Any app that you no longer need should be closed.

Go toward your router. The Wi-Fi signal becomes less strong the further you are from the router. Additionally, keep in mind that 5GHz is faster than 2.4GHz and has a better range for Wi-Fi. In order to stream continuous YouTube videos, you can switch from 2.4 GHz to 5GHz if you're relatively close to your router.

your router, restart it. Your router performs better overall when you restart it because you let it clear its short-term memory (or cache).

Your Headphones Keep Disconnecting

YouTube will immediately pause the video if you are using headphones when viewing the site on a mobile device. Your Bluetooth headphones will keep disconnecting if the connector on your phone or the plug on your headphones is damaged or if there is sufficient electricity.

You should change your headphones instead of trying to find the spot where your headphones fit, or you should take your phone to a reputable service to have the port checked.

There could be a number of reasons why your Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting and stopping YouTube while you are using them.

Bring your device closer to you. The bulk of Bluetooth headsets only has a 20 to 30-foot range. Your headphones will stop working if you are too far from your computer or phone. Simply approach should solve the issue.

Keep your headphones charged. It's difficult for your headphones to keep a stable connection if their batteries are running low. Get lengthy Bluetooth earbuds to prevent it from happening again.

Take your headphones off. But it's fairly standard advice, restarting your Bluetooth connection could be able to resolve your problems.

You Need to Update the YouTube App

If the YouTube app hasn't been updated in a while, you may have a range of issues, such as YouTube pausing the videos on its own.

To solve it, look up YouTube on the Play Store or App Store, then click Update. You should be able to watch YouTube undisturbed after the update has been installed on your phone.

The Version of windows of the YouTube app is the same. The software can be opened and updated through the settings screen or through the Microsoft Store.

YouTube is going on vacation.

If you view YouTube videos often, you are aware that the videos ultimately pause. While this could allow you to take a short pause and rest your eyes, if YouTube fails too often, it might be unpleasant. The solution is as follows:

Open the YouTube mobile app.

  • Select Settings by tapping the Profile symbol in the top-right corner.
  • Visit General.
  • Remind me to take a break, please turn it off. Additionally, you can program a timer for YouTube to pause the video.
  • Make that the content is current and linked to credible sources.

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